Founded in 2002, Splendid is the culmination of founder and designer Moise Emquies’ tireless search to find the softest fabric and most color-absorbing yarns in the world so he could create the ultimate t-shirt. After finding the perfect fabric, Emquies built the Splendid brand around the comfort and ease that is the foundation of the line. Combining bright, saturated color, luxurious fabrics and wearable silhouette, Splendid is a lifestyle-driven collection dedicated to delivering effortless style that works for every day.

Splendid’s vision, which started with a basic line of adult silhouettes, eventually grew to become an amazingly cute line for boys and girls named Splendid Littles, and Splendid Girl and Splendid Mills Jr. Keeping with the same philosophy of incorporating bright, saturated color with a variety of basic pieces that include tops, pants, dresses, and sets.

The clean, simple and effortless line has been a celebrity favorite since its inception. Filled with color, softness, and a hint of playfulness, the kids collection is casual, but polished. So no matter what you're doing you always look as good as you feel in these moments with Splendid.