Welcome to the new world of Flapdoodles.  

Bold, colorful, and playful, the new Flapdoodles makes or breaks hearts across the playground. We see the world through the littlest of eyes. In a Flapdoodles world, the imagination runs wild and the boundaries of the mind are nonexistent. Anything is possible if you believe and each day is an adventure.


Colorful. Exaggerated. Magical.

Inspired by the everyday, in the most nonsensical way.


Originally debuting in the 1986, Flapdoodles was created by Marc Ham and Carole Bieber. Simple styles, brilliant colors, relaxed design and colorful prints - Flapdoodles rapidly developed into a leading manufacturer of children's clothing. 

The brand was built on the premise that kids needed "everyday, fun, functional clothing.” Each line was based upon 17 different colors and two prints, consisting of soft cotton pants, dresses, jackets, shirts and headbands. The printers were unisex geometric designs and uncomplicated plaids.